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Product Description: Introducing the SANTIAGO Bracelet - Embrace the Majestic Fusion of Dyed Green Tiger's Eye and a Black Zirconia Crown!

Unveil the captivating allure of the SANTIAGO Bracelet, featuring the harmonious fusion of dyed Green Tiger's Eye and a majestic Black Zirconia Crown. Embrace the empowering energies and regal charm, crafting an exquisite accessory that exudes strength and sophistication.

Gemstones and Their Meaning: Discover the transformative energies of dyed Green Tiger's Eye, also known as Falcon's Eye, and the captivating allure of the Black Zirconia Crown. Dyed Green Tiger's Eye is revered for its powerful grounding and protective qualities, fostering inner strength and resilience. The Black Zirconia Crown adds a touch of regality and elegance, enhancing the bracelet's majestic appeal.

Materials and Quality: Crafted with natural semi-precious dyed Green Tiger's Eye gemstones, the SANTIAGO Bracelet epitomizes authentic beauty and energy. The Green Tiger's Eye is skillfully dyed to enhance its mesmerizing green hues. The majestic Black Zirconia Crown adds a touch of royalty and sophistication, making it an exquisite centerpiece. The bracelet is secured with durable Korean double-layered elastic string, ensuring both comfort and long-lasting quality.

Zodiac Sign: The SANTIAGO Bracelet resonates harmoniously with those born under the signs of Capricorn, Leo, and Virgo.

Chakra: The gemstones in the SANTIAGO Bracelet are believed to balance and energize the Root and Third Eye chakras, promoting both grounding and enhanced intuition.

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