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Fervore Set - Garnet, Green Moss Agate, Tiger’s Eye


Introducing the Fervore Bracelet Set - Embrace the Passionate Radiance!

Product Description: Ignite your style with the Fervore Bracelet Set - a captivating duo thoughtfully designed to spark passion and charm. This exquisite set includes:

  1. Garnet Bracelet (x1): Embrace the deep red allure of Garnet, promoting courage and love.

  2. Green Moss Agate Bracelet (x1): Experience the soothing green hues of Moss Agate, fostering balance and connection to nature.

Golden Touch of Elegance: Adorned with golden sphere and crown zirconia spacers, these bracelets exude exquisite elegance.

Double Layered Elastic for Ultimate Comfort: Crafted with the finest materials, the Fervore Bracelet Set ensures durability and comfort. Both bracelets feature a double-layered elastic sourced from Korea, providing a perfect fit for most wrist sizes. This innovative double-layered elastic adds an extra layer of resilience, allowing you to wear these bracelets with ease and confidence.

Versatile and Enchanting: Wear both bracelets together for harmonious energy, or share the enchantment with a matching set for couples.

Celebrate Love and Passion: Symbolize love, passion, and togetherness with the Fervore Bracelet Set.

      Please review our size guide in the link below before selecting the size.

    Size Guide

    Note: Due to the nature of natural gemstones, each bracelet is unique with slight color and pattern variations.

    Elevate your style and embrace the passionate radiance of the Fervore Bracelet Set. Let the magical blend of Garnet and Green Moss Agate infuse your life with love, courage, and harmony. Indulge in the exquisite elegance of the golden touch, creating a lasting impression wherever you go. Celebrate the bonds that unite us, wearing these enchanting bracelets as a testament to your cherished connections.

    Whether for yourself or as a meaningful gift, the Fervore Bracelet Set is a reflection of the passion and beauty that dwells within. Embrace its allure and let it inspire you on your journey of love and enchantment.