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Stone of Authority and Protection

 Tiger Eye represents:

Intuition    Insight    Protection    Focus    



Falcon’s Eye (also known as Hawk’s Eye, or Blue/Green Tiger’s Eye), is the unoxidized form of brown Tiger’s Eye. This stone has captivating reflective hues of blue and green, reminiscent of the eye of a sharp and cunning falcon. It serves well for protection during travel, and allows for the sharpening of intuition. This stone is recommended for those who are looking to see beyond what we normally see, for deeper insight, and for guidance.

Zodiac Sign:
♊︎ Gemini, ♍︎ Virgo, ♌︎ Leo, ♈︎ Aries, ♑︎ Capricorn

Third Eye, Throat
  Bush, Emerald, Hunter Green

Pairs well with:

Tiger’s Eye, Jade, Moss Agate