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Stone of Intellect

Canadian Jade represents:
Intuition    Abundance    Insight    Power
Canadian Jade was discovered as far back as 1886 in Vancouver. It is a multicolored version of Jade that inspires intellect, instinct, a sense of creativity as well as insight. This stone will help the wearer to access higher vibrational energies, which will allow you to act from a place of deep knowing and certainty. It has a grounding nature, therefore it also serves to protect you from negative energies as well. Canadian Jade is recommended if you are looking to get in touch with your intuition and capacity for creativity. It will clear any imbalances and give you a sense of clarity and understanding.
Zodiac Sign:
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Heart, Root
Green, Black

Pairs well with:

Tiger’s Eye, Mookaite