Welcome to ROMALI


Amidst the uncertainty and unprecedented challenges of 2020, when seeking support became crucial, Romali emerged as a beacon of hope. Born from a spark of passion and the belief that things could be better, Romali aimed to embody the essence of resilience and the possibility of a brighter future. The question that fueled our journey was, "What could effectively capture the energy needed and serve as a constant reminder that better was indeed possible?"

In the heart of 2020, we discovered that hope often begins small, akin to a seed or a precious stone forming in the depths of the Earth. Much like the vibrations and energies in nature that, despite turbulence, create beautiful gems like delicate amethysts and stunning quartz, 2020 shaped us through hardship into stronger, more resilient individuals.

Romali is driven by a small team united by passion, creativity, and hope. During challenging times, we turned to one another and the beauty of nature to craft eye-catching jewelry that not only serves as a fashion statement but also provides a meaningful reminder for those navigating through life's complexities. Our creations encapsulate the precious simplicity of gemstones, offering clients the ability to customize their own bracelets and embrace their unique sense of creativity.

Every stone in our collection holds a purpose or meaning, much like the moments we encounter in life. Each exquisite piece becomes a unique symbol for its wearer, an opportunity to embrace life, beauty, creativity, and more. Romali seeks to achieve the embodiment of positivity through precious simplicity, all encapsulated within stones sourced from the Earth.

Meet the creative minds behind Romali – Romina and Ali, the CEOs and namesakes of the brand. Romina's fascination with the spiritual meaning behind precious stones complements Ali's practical eye for innovative creation and beauty. Together, they form the essence of Romali: creating function out of beauty, one stone at a time.

Romali's team also includes our certified stone specialist, Stephanie. With a deep understanding of spirituality and a unique collection of precious stones, Stephanie received crystal certification during the pandemic. Not only can she verify the authenticity of Romali stones, but she also offers one-on-one consultations to assist clients in selecting a stone or bracelet that resonates uniquely with them, creating a singular, special experience.