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Stone of Growth

 Moss Agate represents:

Harmony    Cultivation    Optimism    Strength    Success  



Holding Moss Agate is like channeling a concentrated piece of nature in your very hands. The majestic, rich green of this stone resembles the mighty trees that grow tall in a forest, and the soft-fronded moss that covers their bases. This stone attunes us to the natural world, and the world within us. It promotes growth and stability on many levels. This stone is recommended for those who are seeking to amplify their sense of potential, to attract new beginnings, and to attune to the nature around them.

Zodiac Sign:
♍︎ Virgo, ♒︎ Aquarius
Heavy Metal, Mantel, Lunar Green

Pairs well with:

Ruby Zoisite, Green Jade, Rose Quartz