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Lucky Clover Bracelet 18K Gold-plated


Lucky Clover Bracelet

Elegance in Every Variation

Introducing the ROMALI Lucky Clover Bracelet, a symbol of timeless beauty available in three exquisite variations. Crafted to adorn your wrist with grace and style, these bracelets are designed to enhance your everyday look.


  1. White (Shell Body): Embrace the pure allure of the ocean with the white shell body bracelet. Its pristine and delicate design, with shades of white and pink, will seamlessly complement any outfit.

  2. Green (Synthetic Malachite): Let the calming and vibrant energy of malachite inspire your style. The green synthetic malachite bracelet features the classic marbled design for a unique and elegant addition to your collection.

  3. Black (Black Onyx): Experience the sophisticated charm of black onyx. The black onyx bracelet exudes an air of mystery and refinement that's perfect for any occasion.

Crafted with Care

At ROMALI, we take pride in crafting jewelry that reflects enduring quality and craftsmanship. Each bracelet is meticulously handcrafted and features a lucky clover design, a symbol of luck and elegance. The paperclip chain is made of stainless steel and 18k gold plating for a luxurious finish.

Product Details:

  • Material: Stainless Steel with 18k Gold Plating (Chain)
  • Clover Design: Symbol of Luck and Elegance
  • Closure: Adjustable
  • Length: Fits most wrist sizes
  • SKU: Varies by Variation

Elevate your look with the ROMALI Lucky Clover Bracelet, available in three alluring variations. Choose your favorite or collect them all to celebrate the beauty of diversity.